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Welcome to Veronika Byrne Hypnotherapy / Hypnoanalysis. This website is currently under construction but in the meantime feel free to connect with me to discover how Hypnotherapy / Hypnoanalysis can support your healing journey. 

Veronika Byrne DHP

Relaxation Is The Cornerstone to Healing

Relax | Release | Restore

You are not alone on your path to recovery.

With professional support, you can overcome past traumas, embrace your potential, and reclaim your life. 

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Hypnotherapy / Hypnoanalysis

What is your approach to Hypnotherapy / Hypnoanalysis?

My approach, encapsulated in the mantra “Relax, Release, Restore,” emphasizes the importance of deep relaxation as the foundation for healing. Scientifically validated, relaxation induces a shift from the stress-induced “fight, flight, freeze” response to a state of safety and trust, facilitating profound therapeutic exploration and release of emotional burdens. This process not only breaks the cycle of generational trauma but also empowers individuals to embrace their newfound freedom and creativity.